Since 1997 we have seen ups and downs in the industry, so we approach the current economic situation as an opportunity. As an increasing number of Canadian families spend more than they earn, the accounts receivable management industry collects on the credit card, line of credit, retail, utility and media debts they accumulate.

The recession, with rising unemployment, is having an impact on the industry. As people's economic situations worsen, companies will have to work harder and wait longer to collect on debt. Many companies - from banks to auto manufacturers to retailers - can benefit from knowing which customers are most likely to pay, and putting their collection resources after them first.

Clearwater Solutions Inc trusted models and expert insights allow our clients to maximize their returns in accounts receivable management.

  • Identify strategic market opportunities
  • Facilitate Introductions
  • Bridging relationships
  • Establish partnerships
  • Provide Subject matter expertise on all things related to credit data
  • Training
  • RFP assessment and evaluation
  • Consulting to new entrants into Canada
  • Credit bureau data and audit consultation for financial institutions
  • Vendor relationship and scorecards